Thorsun’s Spring/Summer 2017 line of swimwear and beach clothing is entitled, “Permanent Vacation.” Every summer you tell yourself you’re going to be summer ready. If you made it, congratulations, if you didn’t, don’t think you’re off the hook for next summer. Thorsun is hot and you will want to be ready.


George Soltelo continues to heat up summer with his line of sporty swimwear. This year he also introduced a women’s line. Thorsun’s swimwear is not the provocative swimwear carried by other brands. It’s more of the modern swimsuit for the active individual.

The mostly patterned trucks are slightly below mid thigh and no bulky long boards shorts. The shorter trunks are just a hair above mid thigh but there were no bikini or square cuts for guys. This is a collection that celebrates the human physique yet will appeal to a wide spectrum of guys. The small ladies collection featured bikinis, maillots and even board shorts suggesting a nice variety to select from.


The patterns take center stage as opposed to bright bold colors. Darker reds, blues and greens are the dominant colors and patterns feature geometric shapes and tortoises. Here one got the impression that Soltelo designed his Thorsun collection with longevity in mind by not opting for the in color palettes of the moment giving true meaning to the title, “Permanent Collection.”

See the Thorsun collection here:

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