I love watches and it’s fair to say I have a large collection. While I have one or two “good” watches, it seems that I’m drawn to the more affordable brands. Many of them been gifted while others I have purchased on my own. With the luxury of a wide variety to choose from there are some brands that I tend to gravitate towards a little more. One of my favorite brands is from Timex watches.

The Timex brand has been around for over 160 years. For a long time their ad campaign featured the tag line, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Timex watches were known for their sturdy affordable styles. You could beat them up and they’d still be a great workhorse. A fact that still holds true today.

Another great feature of Timex watches is that they come in a ton of styles. In fact if you go to their website and search for men’s watches right now, there are currently 376 styles. With so many options to choose from there really is a Timex watch style for everyone. I like that there are so many choices. It gives me a lot of options especially when it comes to adding a watch to my overall look.

Today for some, a watch says a lot about you. For me, I like a good looking timepiece that keeps great time and looks great with what I’m wearing. My Timex watches hit the mark on all three counts. Take a look how my Timex watches work with my style.

Archive Camper Mk1

With it’s army green look, this watch definitely has a military appeal. This watch would go well with the camo looks that have been around recently. However since camo is not my style, I chose to pair it with a mixture of browns for an urban fall casual look.

Fairfield Chronograph 


Some people would argue against wearing a chronograph with a suit but I beg to disagree. The Fairfield Chronograph is perfect to wear with a suit. It’s not too big as is the case with other chronograph. Plus with such a bold stripe in my suit, this watch has enough character to stand out yet not be gaudy

Weekender Leather Chronograph


Here’s another chronograph with a different look than the Fairfield. The Weekender has a smaller face and I like to wear it more for weekend styles. I’ve worn in traipsing the country on a wine tour weekend. I can also see it working well with a distressed leather jacket as well hit the cooler months.

White Silicone Analog               


Of all the watches this is probably one of the Timex watches I wear the most and surprisingly it’s the cheapest. This is a favorite watch to take on vacations especially in warm locations. White goes with just about everything. The silicon nature of the watch and band means I don’t have to worry about getting it wet so I can hit the pool or the ocean with no fear. Plus it’s been the perfect accessory for Dîner en Blanc as I looked for all white accessories to go with my all white look.

As you can see, you can easily add a watch component to any look for less than $100. Not only will you finish it off with but you’ll have an affordable durable timepiece on your wrist. But don’t jus take my advice, check out what my buddy Carl Murawski of New England Style Consulting has to say about Timex watches under $100.