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When Zappos.com asked me to check out the brand Toad & Co. I was initially hesitant. The California based clothing company makes a cool line of casual clothing but I thought it was a little too casual for my aesthetic. Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I tend toward more tailored looks. As a friend told me the other day, “Your casual is not normal people’s casual.”

Toad & Co Live Well Do Good editorial

However I’ve been trying to incorporate more casual styles in my wardrobe so I wanted to see what Toad & Co had to offer. I was game to give them a shot. I was initially drawn to their pajama bottoms. Believe it or not, I’m not always dressed to the nines. I love a great pair of pjs and I was immediately drawn to these flannel bad boys.

Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - pjs

But for some reason though, I didn’t get the pjs. (Sidenote: I’m definitely rethinking my choice. I think they will be coming home to me soon!) The reason was that the Airvoyant Puff Jacket caught my eye. Now this was a coat that was right up my alley!

Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - Street smiling Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - Look away

The diagonal quilted look was sleek and modern and a little different from other puffers that are out there. I love a sharp looking coat and this one has character. It’s lightweight yet it kept me really warm. The hardest part for me was deciding whether to get it in black or jeep, a brownish camel color. I opted for black.

Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - editorial 2 Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - details up close

I was definitely happy with my choice. And then I got to reading about the Toad & Co, which only made me want to support them more! The company’s mission is to be “creators of socially and environmentally committed garments that are equally suited for the rigors of the trail or the tavern.” 90% of their products are eco-friendly. They use sustainable fabrics as well as recycled materials. For example, the body and lining of my coat is made from 100% recycled polyester. And as an added bonus, a portion of each sale supports people with developmental disabilities.

Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - details Toad & Co Live Well Do Good looking

I love supporting Toad & Co. They make an awesome coat and they’re committed to doing good. My advice? Head over to Zappos.com to get my coat as well as pick from their other selections.

Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - Staring Toad & Co - Live Well Do Good - walking

Photos by Jen Jean-Pierre (Commecoco)