One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “What shoes do I wear with a particular suit?” I don’t think the answer is as cut and dry as it has been in the past. Initially, I started out as a traditionalist and I would only wear shoes with laces when it came to wearing a suit. I would not even consider wearing loafers. Call it what you will but nowadays, I think I’m much more daring. I’ll try almost anything.  So let’s talk about what shoes to wear with a gray suit.

I have a particular fondness for the gray suit. If you scroll through my blog, you’ll see me in a variety of gray suiting. Some are solid and some with pattern and while some may think it’s a dull color, I think it’s a great color to work with.  My shades range from light grays to deep charcoals but I still consider them to be in the gray family. So what are the shoes to wear with a gray suit?

Black lace ups

I find gray to be one of the more versatile of suit colors. You can easily get away with almost any color of shoe and by far the easiest is to just wear black. Every well-dress men should have a black lace up in their closet whether it’s a derby or oxford.  The black works well with all shades of gray.

shoes to wear with a gray suit - light gray and lace upsshoes to wear with a gray suit - light gray and lace ups

Charcoal with black lace ups

shoes to wear with gray suit - black lace ups

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Monk straps

If you’re sticking with black then another shoe style to consider is the monk strap. Eliminate the laces add a buckle or two and you have this dashing shoe.  The monk strap is a great alternative to a lace-up and can add a little variety to your shoe game.  Plus you got options of whether to get the single or double monk strap. While I have seen triple and quadruple monk straps, personally I’m not a fan.

Dressing fin a plaid suit - Staring Vertical-1

Dressing in a Plaid suit

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Trainers and Sneakers

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see guys rock sneakers with a suit. May be not appropriate for the office but for an evening out a great pair of trainers or statement sneakers can give a suited looked more of a casual flair. Black trainers work well with gray or you may opt for colors that coordinate with your accessories such as my blue sneakers tying in with my shirt. It makes a great evening out look.

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Other colors

We’ve talked about styles but what other colors of shoes work with a gray suit? As I stated before, gray is pretty versatile so almost any color could work well with your suit. I like a brown shoe with lighter shades of gray while I opt for darker brown or burgundy as I hit the darker or even charcoal shades.


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