The changing nature of fashion: New York Fashion Week: Mens

Once again it’s time for New York Fashion Week and I’m ready to make the twice-yearly trip to New York City. This is the fourth season New York has dedicated time to showcase some of the best in menswear. I’m looking forward to see what will be the hottest looks popping up for Fall/Winter 2017 and how the changing nature of fashion has affected this year’s shows.

Before the rise of social media and fast fashion, fashion weeks were almost exclusively held for those in the industry. With a sufficient lead-time, buyers and media were presented with upcoming looks that they could buy for their stores and feature in their editorial content for magazines. Nowadays as soon as a designer shows, consumers are ready to buy. I’m interested to see how the see now, buy now culture plays into this year’s shows.

Changing nature of fashion
The other interesting dynamic in the changing nature of fashion is the question of whether we really need to see a split from the men’s and women’s shows. Some would argue yes since traditionally the women’s fashion market has been much larger than that of men’s. As a result, when they were shown together men’s fashion would typically be overshadowed by the women’s. However with the success of London Collections Men, Men’s Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris along with the growing power of the men’s dollar, New York was prime for a men’s week of its on.

On the other hand, the segmentation of fashion weeks means that buyers and editorial staff have so much more ground to cover. Many of the same people are covering multiple events and from a financial perspective, it makes sense to combine shows. Fashion shows and presentations are expensive to produce. Changing nature of fashion

Regardless of where you stand on the changing nature of fashion, New York will be bustling with activity for the next four days and I look forward to being in the mix.


Plaid Blazer: Robert Talbot; Burgundy cords: Saks Fifth Avenue Men, White dress shirt: ­Armani Colleziono, Blue fedora: Goorin Bros; Penny Loafers: Tom Ford; Bow Tie – Paul Smith NYC

Changing nature of fashion #3

A denim and corduroy look for brunch

Denim and Corduroy against a pole Denim and Corduroy side glance Denim and Corduroy details Denim and Corduroy in hat

Sunday’s are big brunch days in DC and while I love a great tailored look sometimes it’s okay to be just be casual. January has been unseasonably warm and I needed something great to wear for a brunch with friends. I decided to bring out the denim and corduroy.

I know I’ve been touting the #nojeansjanuary and in my last couple of post (A day for black and white and You should buy a chunky sweater), I have been sporting casual looks with no jeans in sight. However the good folks at Noble denim had sent me this jacket and with the warmer weather, I had to break it out. To be honest, I haven’t owned a jean jacket in a number of years but this jacket is pretty sweet.
Denim and Corduroy hat play Denim and Corduroy texture Denim and Corduroy with camera

Noble Denim is known for their small batch denim offerings and this jacket is collaboration with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. It’s a classic 70’s inspired jacket with a corduroy collar that’s been aged in Bulleit barrels. Since the collar was corduroy I decided to pair it with corduroy pants. I figured denim and corduroy would make a great combo. After all we know how denim on denim can turn out horrible wrong (Google Justin and Britney in denim!)

For my look, I went with berry colored cords with a matching striped mohair sweater. It has been warm but it is still winter so I wanted to be prepared in cased it did get cooler. Different textures can make a look really stand out. I threw on a hat and was ready for Sunday Funday. Hope your brunches turn out just as fun and fashionable!

Denim and Corduroy Noble x Bulleit

Denim and Corduroy Outfit details

Denim jacket – Bulleit x Noble; Mohair striped crew sweater – Gucci; Berry corduroys – Saks Fifth Avenue; Blue fedora – Goorin Bros.; Penny loafers – Tom Ford

Denim and Corduroy full look

As part of the Noble x Bulleit collaboration, the company created the Bulleit x Noble Sessions featuring Houndmouth. Check them out.

Bulleit x Noble Sessions: Houndmouth

To commemorate our recent collaboration with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, we are releasing a collection of live music videos. Whenever we meet up with our Louisville friends at Bulleit, good stuff happens. In an effort to capture some of that magic, we invited the Kentucky roots rock band, Houndmouth, to join us and play some music.

Photography by Oneil Gardner

A day for black and white

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “No man has a right to rain on your dreams.” He and so many others paved the way so I could try many things. While there are many things I haven’t done, there are lots of things that are now not out of may reach.

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. day and though I may not be changing the world, I have dreams too. While not as lofty or earth shattering as others, one of my dreams is to express myself through fashion. It’s that black and white.
Black and White Black and White Black and White

I’ve created a little forum to express myself. It’s nothing political unless you consider some of my style choices (smile). I love to share my looks and the fact that I get to do it and be shared with all types of people who may be different from me is the true blessing.
Black and White Black and White

So I’ll do what I do and I hope despite my similarities or differences from whoever reads this, I can continue to inspire, inform and help people develop a love for developing their own unique style. I always grateful for a day off of work but I’m even more grateful for what this day represents.
Black and White Black and White

For today’s look, I’ve taken Martin Luther King Jr. day quite literally. My look is in black and white with a hint of color slipped in. The boat neck sweater gives my look some personality.  It is an interesting style that you don’t see everyday but that’s what makes its individuality work well. It’s just a little difference but sometimes a little change and the simplest combinations work best together.

Black and White Black and White


Boat neck sweater – Helmut Lang; White French cuffed shirt – Theory; Black slacks – Armani Collezioni; Tassle loafers – Jimmy Choo

You should buy a chunky sweater

Chunky Sweater in Dupont Circle Chunky Sweater in Dupont Circle

I have always been a fan of big chunky sweater. This classic turtleneck has been a staple in my closet for many years. In fact when I wrecked my previous one, I made it my mission to replace it as fast as I could. There’s something comforting about snuggling up in your favorite cozy chunky sweater.

The weather has been so odd lately that it’s easy to forget that we are in the throes of winter. Snow showers one day then 50 – 60 degrees the next. Yet make no mistake, winter is here and we should still expect cold and freezing temperatures to quickly hit us like a ton of bricks.  A favorite sweater can make even the coldest of days a little more bearable.

Chunky Sweater in Dupont Circle Chunky Sweater in Dupont Circle

The good news is that with the onset of frigid weather, a chunky sweater is that perfect go to piece to brave the cold. From classic fair isle crewnecks, funky shawl collar cardigans or traditional fisherman cable knits, there is a great variety of styles to choose from. Even better many of this season’s sweaters are now on sale at fantastic prices. The bad news? They are becoming harder to find.

My advice? Avoid the trendy styles. Invest in a classic look that can carry you from year to year.  I’m here to help I’ve picked out a few that are still available right now. Shop some of my favorites from this season and wear them now.  There is something for everyone at every price point. Years from now you’ll thank me.

Chunky Sweater in Dupont Circle

Chunky Sweaters to buy now


DCFashion Fool’s: 2016 Year End Review

It’s the start of a new year and as I embark on new challenges and opportunities. I thought I’d take a moment and reflect on last year. I figure before I jump head first into 2017, maybe a year end review of 2016 would help me shape my strategy for 2017.
2016 marked the first full year of running The DCFashion Fool really showcasing my personal style. Sure I have had my blog for several years but being a somewhat shy kind of guy, I had never really put myself out there in front of the camera. But I love men’s fashion and with the encouragement of some good friends, I decided to showcase that love on me! (Check out some of my looks from last year.)

A Look to the Past

So what was the result? First I had the chance to meet some amazing creatives. There are so many talented people and many of them have been so generous with their willingness to share their insights that I have been truly overwhelmed. Not only are they putting out some amazing content but they’ve taken time to help me embark on this exciting journey of being an influencer. I didn’t name them for fear I’d skip someone but I did want to say thank you to everyone who’s helped me.

These connections have lead to some amazing opportunities. I am now working with several brands and get to showcase some terrific products and services. I feel blessed to have the ability to work with these great brands. Better yet I really love showing them off through my own perspective. It’s my hope that people will continue to read, look at and see my work. It’s my hope to continue to inspire and give people ideas.

A year end review would not be complete without acknowledging setbacks as well. While some many terrific things happened over the year, it was not without its challenges. Several of the publications I wrote for folded, sometimes my readership isn’t as great as I think it should be and sometimes I get overlooked for things that I know I’d be perfect for. However with great challenges comes great opportunity and I plan to turn those lemons into lemonade.

Headed to the Future

That’s why I’m looking forward to 2017. My goal is to move forward. Publications fold? I’ll write my own. Brands do not want me? I’ll seek out those who do. All the while staying true to myself. I’ve always wanted to let people see that Washingtonians have a great sense of style and it’s okay to take risks. I plan on doing that in the upcoming year and hope you’ll follow me along the journey. Feel free to let me know what you want to see from me, your likes and dislikes. Together we all can be a fool for fashion!