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Peeking out of Hotel Gredic in SloveniaI was very excited to travel to Slovenia. The country has done an amazing job of restoring many of its buildings, artfully blending modern amenities and technologies without drastically changing the old world charm. With manors and castles dating back to the 1600’s and a picturesque countryside, it was like staying in a live action fairytale. That meant I, of course, was the handsome prince.
By Hotel Gredič in SloveniaThe well at Hotel Gredič in SloveniaMy first stop was in Brda, staying at the Hotel Gredič. a restored manor complete with full wine cellar. The cellar was apropos, as the area is a great wine grape growing region with thousands of vineyards dotting the landscape and is known for its Rebula wine. In addition to grapes, cherries are one of the major crops in the area and fortunately for me, they were plentiful and in season during my visit.In the lounge in SloveniaHistoric steps in SloveniaMy travel tip: Stick to one color theme when packing. You can mix and match more readily and it will help you to not over pack if the weight of your luggage can become an issue. This time of year, the weather in Slovenia was in the mid seventies. It was perfect springtime weather so casual slacks, polos and sweaters in shades of blue and white were my ideal pieces to bring. In hotel room chair in Slovenia

My look for Day 1 included stretch off-white slacks from Theory with a fitted striped polo from Billy Reid. Knowing that I would be doing a lot of walking I wanted to be comfortable yet casual and these pieces fit the bill. I’m not one to wear hiking boots nor running shoots with my casual looks so I thought slip-ons by Gucci complimented my look and were great for traipsing around the countryside.Steps outside hotel in Slovenia Rocking the Gucci's in Slovenia

I tend to get cold so I topped off the look with a lightweight gray jacket again from Gucci. What’s nice about this coat is that it is waterproof which came in handy during the brief rainstorm and it came with a hood that could be deftly hidden in the collar. Wearing light colors worked. Since 70% of the wine produced is white, I was in less danger of staining my clothes and not to mention, the sparkling wine was out of this world.

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