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As we continue to take a look at spring fashion, let’s consider an update to our tailored suiting.  Consider adding a patterned slim suit into your wardrobe.  One of my favorites this year is this grey slim pattern suit by Burberry.  This modern suit has a very slim line, narrow lapels, soft shoulders and flat front pants.  These adjustments are a decidedly welcome change from the boxy power suits of the eighties.
The business casual workday has really hit the tailor suiting industry hard over the last few years. However Washington, DC has always been an interesting dichotomy.  As a political town coupled with an abundance of law firms, suits have far from disappeared yet the business casual look seems to be here to stay in other Washington area offices such as government contractors, associations and non-profits.
In a town where Brooks Brothers has dressed 39 of the 44 presidents and President Obama favors Hart Schaffer Marx, sometimes our sartorial choices leave a lot to be desired.  Earlier this year, GQ made the same assessment swooping in and offering its fashion advice to several congressional workers on the hill. See Project Upgrade.
Courtesy of Marc Jacobs
On the other end of the spectrum is the business casual group. The problem on this end is men seem to be unsure of what’s been deemed acceptable as business casual.  There seems to be no uniform definition of business casual and some office looks have become quite questionable. 
Even if your part of the business casual group, you can still rock a suit. Consider Marc Jacob’s plaid suit in tan.  While not as slim as the Burberry look, the suit still retains its modern flair with the narrow labels, straight leg pants and the detail with the trim on the jacket.
With spring edging ever closer, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your wardrobe no matter which camp you fall into.  The two suits I’m recommending aren’t your traditional suits so they can add a little flair to which ever camp defines your look.  These suits add that special something to make you stand out from the crowd.  Until next time, Happy Shopping. 
The Burberry suit can be located at 1155 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036 or at  The Marc Jacobs suit can be located at