Wow this is my first post. I finally decided to put my rantings in a blog. Why? Well why not? I mean I think have a half decent sense of style and I know I spend way too much money on clothes. So here it is… my secrets on shopping, my thoughts on style and what’s happening in my little fashion world.
I find clothes everywhere and I have some simple fashion rules that I tend to impart to all my friends. Everywhere we look we are getting instructions on what’s hot in the world of fashion. Magazines tell us what’s in and the stores put their spin on what’s now and happening so I thought I would add my touch.
From Old Navy to Neiman Marcus, there is something for everyone but how do you wade through all the choices? Sure we all make fashion mistakes. I can say I did fall victim to parachute pants and dare I say ……acid wash jeans? Oh well, we live in learn.
From a great bargain to an outrageous priced pair of shoes, ultimately what we wear says a lot about us whether we are trying to make a statement or not. At least, I’d like to think I make a statement.
I enjoy the thrill of fashion…the hunt, putting together a great look, etc. The only thing I really hate is paying the ransom to get my clothes out of the dry cleaner. So here are my little musings. My unique perspective? It’s a male point of view. Enjoy!