OK, I am a sunglass nut.  I probably have 30 pairs and I generally never lose or break them.  Of course there is always an exception.  My most favorite Gucci pair with the mother of pearl frames were stolen out of my car.  Not only were they sharp looking but they were actually given to me as a gift.  So naturally I was heartbroken when they were stolen.  I think I was more upset that they were taken then the cost to repair my car door window that was smashed in to grab them.  Despite this incident, my track record with sunglass is excellent!

Having an expensive sunglass habit is challenging so when there’s a sale, I go for it.  I popped over to Saks and in their Fashion Fix section there is a sale on sunglasses.  Can you believe it Tom Ford Sunglasses for 50% off.  Hurry quantities are limited and the sale is only on for a couple of days!