With only a few more days left during 2017, I thought now would be a good time for my year in review. 2017 was an interesting year. While I was afforded many new rewards and opportunities, it was not without its challenges and disappointments. That’s why a year in review is important to me. Looking back at 2017 is helping focus on how the DCFashion Fool should approach 2018.

What I’ve realized is that I want to continue to be a source of inspiration. When I started this site, I wanted to prove that Washingtonians do have a sense of style. I still believe that. It is my hope that those who follow along with me on this journey take away something that makes them just a little bit better. Whether its some inspiration based on what I’m wearing, or how I style a look or maybe a fashion tip or advice or even where to find some article of clothing of just the introduction of new and different brands, I’d like this to be a place to come to often and grab that knowledge.

Favorite looks

Throughout my year in review I’m showcasing some of t my favorite looks. I love a tailored look so naturally some of my favorite looks for 2017 show off my tailored style. But I also have a thing for elevated casual and I’m even loosening up a bit. I’ve even rocked sneakers several times through out the year! What did you think of these looks? Did you have any favorites? Leave a comment let me know. Plaid suit - running

Tips and advice

In addition to my style, I’ve also tried to provide tips and advice to help you navigate through this crazy world of fashion. In case you missed them posts like “Here are 6 outlet shopping tips, “Three ways to dress for the theater or “4 Suit tip secrets to get more uses out of your suits not only had my style inspirations but tips and advice to make the most out of your sartorial choices.

Elevated Casual

Challenges to overcome

The social media landscape is changing. Different platforms are becoming more relevant. Existing channels change their algorithms so it can be difficult to get my message out. Sometimes I get more focus on these issues than on putting out stellar content. While I need to make sure I’m heard I want to give you guys great content. For 2018, content is king but also look for me to adapt. Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to see my YouTube content!

Cryos in the City - cover Cryos in the City

As I reflect on my year in review, I’m also looking at my partnerships among brands and other creators. My goal for 2018 is not to fret about brands that’s don’t want to work with me but focus on the ones that do. And even though I may partner with some brands my promise to you is to remain authentic to what I believe. Similarly I want to forge relationships with other creators that want to work together. By supporting these amazing individual we can all grow you, my readers, can benefit from a wealth of amazing talent.

Your support

Here’s where I enlist your help. As I close out on my year in review and focus on 2018 I need your support. If you value this content, like it and share it. Comment on what you want to see from me and what you don’t like. While I’m showcasing me, I also want to hear from you. Let’s have a dialogue back and forth and grow together. That’s what will make 2018 a year, Happy New Year ands remember, “You too can be a fool for fashion!”