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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. That means it’s time for family gatherings, holiday parties and just all around good times. It also means wearing some of my favorite holiday looks. I’m not talking about those tacky Christmas sweaters (which I may have one) but looks that are much more classic and debonair. That got me thinking, “How do I create debonair style?”

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love a tailored look. Suits to me are the epitome of debonair style. And this time of year, I get to step it up a notch with dressier looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tuxedo but what if the invitation says holiday attire, dressy formal, festive attire or some other combination that seems to be really popular language these days? How do you dress for that? How about a play on a formal look?

Debonair style - debonair style - loafers

If you don’t own a tuxedo there are great ways to achieve looks that are just as stylish and debonair. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing up you accessories. Swap out a regular tie for a bow tie. Or better yet change up you shoe. One way to up your debonair style quotient is with a great statement shoe.

Debonair style - tuxedo loafers

If you looking for a great shoe for the season head over to Zappos.com. There you might want to take a look at their selection of Stacy Adams footwear. Stacy Adams has been around for decades and is known for their debonair collection of boots, oxfords, loafers and sandals in a handsome array of colors. That makes Stacy Adams men’s shoes the perfect choice for any occasion.

To create my debonair, I chose a vintage double-breasted tuxedo jacket. Mine is part of a late sixties tuxedo I inherited from my father. A velvet blazer or just a simple dark blazer (preferably blue or black) would work just as well. Add in colorful pants, I chose a black watch plaid. Other plaid patterns would work well too. Not a fan of plaid? Try a deep burgundy or cream-colored trouser. While the go-to colors would be red or green, that’s the safe holiday route.

Debonair style - shoes

Then came the shoes, I wanted something fun. While I could’ve easily gotten away with the traditional patent leather shoe, I wanted more of a statement shoe that would capture my debonair style. I gravitated to the Stacy Adams Viva loafer. This tuxedo loafer was a great option because it added some character to my feet, which helped to complete the overall look. Plus I loved the insignia detailing.

Why should women have all the color this season? Try my look or adopt your own debonair style. Once you do you’ll be ready to hit the holiday circuit.

Photos by Jen Jean-Pierre (Commecoco)