I was honored when I was invited to the wedding of dear friends, Scott and Alix, the fantastic couple behind, In A DC Minute. In just a short time, these two have become some of my closest friends.

DC Minute marries - Alix and Scott

At first I was a little miffed at them when they decided to abandon the DC area to return back to their hometown in upstate New York. But after visiting Medina and spending time with their friends and family, I could see this is where they belong.

DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool in Gucci

Their blog may be In A DC Minute but it was clear that it took more than a minute to pull off this affair. Alix was simply stunning in a simple yet elegant wedding ensemble. And the look on Scott’s face was priceless as he strolled down the aisle. There was not a dry eye as the two shared their vows.

DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool on farm DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool by hay

Naturally their dog Ivan was part of the ceremony too. To bad the goats, Lennie and George couldn’t participate. (I hear Scott banned them!) For friends who could attend check out a few pics from the event.

I was excited to go to Alix and Scott’s wedding. Being a blogging couple, they fully expected the event to be captured by social media. They even had their own hashtag, #DCMinuteMarries! Naturally that meant that I had to find something fantastic to wear. But what does one wear to an outdoor wedding on a farm?

DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool with hat DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool at wedding

How about an electric blue suit? I wanted to bring a little bit of the city up to New York and I think I accomplished my goal. And while a little bit of flash added a bit of sparkle to the occasion, the bride and the groom were truly the stars of the day. And I wouldn’t want it any other way; I think a DC minute means a lifetime of friendship! Congratulations Alix and Scott!

DC Minute Wedding - Ferragamo and Happy Socks DC Minute Wedding x Emporio Armani


Electric blue suit – Hugo Boss | White dress shirt – Gucci | Pink paisley bow tie – Ralph Lauren | Paisley Socks – Happy Socks | Hat –  Goorin Bros | Suede loafers – Ferragamo  | Watch – Emporio Armani | Sunglasses – Gucci

DC Minute Wedding x DCFashion Fool the look