Close-up-in-Yards-ParkI love a nautical look. Although stores are beginning to put out their fall fashions, there’s still plenty of summer left. We are only in the first few weeks of August and as history has shown, we can still expect to have some hot sunny days ahead. So with several hot and humid August days on the horizon, there’s no need to rush to put away your summer wardrobe just yet.On-the-stairs Overlooking-the-water

For most of these toasty days, you can get away in shorts, tee shirt and flip-flops; however there are times when you’ll need to up your game. An event may call for a blazer but no need to fear, you can easily pull off a great summer look and still remain cool and collected.Seated-at-Yards-Park Seated1

One of the hot trends and a perennial favorite this summer has been a nautical inspired look. Navy blue, whites or creams with nautical stripes have been a popular trend partly because the image is crisp and clean and also creates a nice polished look.By-the-BattleshipPrior to a recent evening out, I ventured over to Yards Park. One of the newest destinations in Washington, the park is located in the Capitol Riverfront area in southeast DC adjacent to Nationals’ Stadium. With a gorgeous backdrop along side the water and featuring a battleship and iconic bridge, it was the ideal setting to showcase my nautical inspired look.Glasses-long-shotGlass-on-the-bridge

The highlight of my look was a cream blazer with bold stripes on the lapel with navy piping accents. The design is Gucci’s modern take on the nautical look. If the stripes on the lapel are too subtle for your taste, the jacket can be reversed and worn with stripes throughout the entire coat.Yards-Park-bridge

For some occasions, ties aren’t always required so I paired the blazer with a matching cream color tee shirt. Adding a blazer during this time of year doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be overcome with heat and a simple lightweight tee can be a perfect compliment to a blazer look. Should your event be inside, a jacket might be just the ticket to ward off the chill in an overly air-conditioned building.Walking-Long-view Walking-the-bridge

Completing the look were lightweight navy trousers and black loafers. While I chose black, white sneakers or navy or cream loafers would work just as nicely.Details Jacket-Details


Cotton reversal cream with navy striped blazer: Gucci, lightweight cream tee-shirt: John Varvatos, navy straight legged trousers: Armani, Gancio bit loafer: Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses: Tom FordDCFashion-Fool-by-the-Battlship-look-2