There was an extra buzz for this month’s Sprezzabox so I was excited to receive mine. The excitement was due to the fact that this month included a Maestro watch with a value over $100. Along with the other goodies, it really made the $28 price a good value. But more than that I was eager to sport my Sprezzabox style with the new pieces inside the box..Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 3

I have been a Sprezzabox Brand Ambassador for over a year. I always look forward to receiving that little box on my doorstep every month. I’ve spoken about my reasons to be an ambassador on number posts stemming back from when I received my first box. So it’s fair to say that I’ve been enjoying the experience.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 2Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool

That’s not to say I’ve always been happy with the selections. Sometimes I’m not thrilled with how the accessories are put together. The combination doesn’t work for me. In that case, I’ll just rework the pieces into new combinations. Other times an individual accessory is just not my taste.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 4

The expectation to please all the people all the time seems highly unattainable but since Sprezzabox can please me most of the time then it’s a job well done. Sprezzabox is doing a great job and the subscription service is worth it. I was really pleased with October’s selections and was ready to showcase my Sprezzabox style.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 5

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 6

This month’s box, The Parker, was filled with classic pieces that a banker would truly love. And as it happens, I am a banker! A classic micro foulard tie, a blue tipped white pocket square and blue striped socks if paired with the traditional navy suit would have me ready for any corporate boardroom. An elegant watch to keep me on track for appointments along with a classic pen to write in style finished off the look.


Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 7Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 8

However instead of taking the safe approach, I wanted to make more of a statement with these pieces. What if I paired these classic accessories with a bolder colored suit? What would it say of my Sprezzabox style? That’s exactly what I was determined to find out.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 9

Instead of the tried and true navy suit I picked an electric blue. Now, instead of the corporate ready boardroom look, I came up with my take on the modern mod look. Sure I was still ready for the boardroom but my attire was more appropriate for the boardroom of times long past. My Sprezzabox style was still a classic look but it was now more edgy than the regular tried and true. Looking for the classic navy or the other blue suit? Check out some more blue suits.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 10

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 11

Had I stuck with a navy suit, I would have finished my look with either a great black lace-up or monk strap for my shoes. However in keeping with my new mod modern look, I chose the Chelsea boot. Now that it’s fall, it’s time to break out the boots and Chelsea boots are great footwear to pair with the slimmer suits that are still in play this season. You can find other Chelsea boots here.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 12

How did I do with my Sprezzabox style for October? Minor adjustments changed what could have been a great classic look into something that gives a nod to the past but adds edginess to today. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 13 Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 14

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Bright Blue – Hugo BossJacket / Pants (sold separately) – More blue suits (Classic & Bold) | White dress shirt – Gucci | An Ivy Tie, Alara Pocket Square, Sprezza striped socks, Maestro watch, Classic Pen – The Parker – October 2017 Sprezzabox | Chelsea Boots – Prada (More black Chelsea boots), Paper clip tie  – Lawrence Hunt – August Sprezzabox

Sprezzabox Style x DCFashion Fool 15

Photos by Jen Jean-Pierre (Commecoco)
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