Walking-hat-off Dîner en BlancSaturday marks the return of Dîner en Blanc, the world’s largest party to Washington, DC. Last year since I received my invitation late, I had to scramble to put together a white outfit. This year with some planning, I think I’ve come up with a terrific ensemble.

Dîner en Blanc Details Dîner en Blanc readySince I don’t have many opportunities to wear a white suit, I was a little hesitant about buying one so I decided to piece together a tailored look. I had a pair of white cotton Gucci pants that surprisingly I have been able to keep white so these were the start of my look. Next was the hunt for good blazer. I found a great one by Sand, a brand out of Copenhagen. Their Spring/Summer collection had a relaxed Miami feel and Fall/Winter 2015 looks fantastic.

Dîner en Blanc
Next up was a shirt and tie. Since my “suit” was a simple cotton white look, I added some tonal contrasting patterns to my tie, shirt and pocket square. This helped to give my outfit a more formal look. Some people try to sneak in pops of color but since this is an “all white” dinner party, I wanted to adhere to the strict guidelines. The rules of Dîner en Blanc should always be followed.

Dîner en Blanc close up details Dîner en Blanc shoesI definitely wasn’t going to forget the accessories. I love my Gucci aviator sunglasses. These have served me well this summer and I rarely go anywhere without them so it’s perfect that they are part of my look. Also by Gucci are my white high tops. While white dress shoes would look really well with this suit, I opted against them for two reasons. First, I wanted to pick pieces that could easily be worn again and again. Secondly, because Dîner en Blanc’s location is a secret and I have to carry my table, chairs and picnic,there’s no telling how far I’ll have to walk. These high tops fit the bill for both reasons.
Dîner en Blanc Posed
Lastly, came the hat. The Dobbs Gate fedora was really a splurge and the brim is a bit wider than what I usually wear. However I think it completes my look really well. I’m looking forward to the elegant affair. And now I’m ready for any white party that may be coming including the next Dîner en Blanc. I’ll wait for my invitation Mr. Diddy!
Strike-a-pose for Dîner en Blanc


White cotton trousers, aviator sunglasses and high-tops: Gucci; White cotton blazer: SandWhite tonal dress shirt: Neiman Marcus; Tie and pocket square: Vittorio Farina; Watch: Timex; Straw fedora: Dobbs Fifth Avenue (similar)

Standing Dîner en Blanc